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Welcome to ourlist of frequently asked questions.

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1. What is Giftbuster ?

GiftBuster is the fun and easy way to share gifts with friends and family.

Gift that you need, want and dream about. Create your profile - add gifts - invite friends. It's that simple!

2. How much does it costs ?

$0.00 - Giftbuster is available for the Apple App Store.

3. How do I add gift to my list ?

There are three ways to do this:

You can add items that you like from anywhere on the web

Activate the GiftBuster button into your bookmarks bar, that way, whenever you come across something you like, you can add that item easily as a “new gift” without ever leaving your browser.


4. Who can see my gift list ?

All gifts are public by default. You can choose to make your gift private, so it will be visible to a single person or group of people by choosing the “private” option.

5. How do i activate the GiftBuster browser extension (only Iphone/Ipad)?

  1. Open any page in Safari
  2. Tap the Share icon
  3. Swipe the grey icons in the bottom row and tap "More"
  4. Turn On "Add Gift via GiftBuster" and tap "Done"
  5. Now when you see an item you like, you can add to your GiftBuster list without ever leaving the Safari browser by tapping "Share" icon and then clicking "Add Gift via GiftBuster” !

6. How do i reserve gifts that i want to buy for my friends ?

Go to your friend’s list. Choose the gift you wish to buy. Click “Reserve”. Set reservation date (ie. your friends birthday or Christmas). Click “Continue”.

7. Can I purchase gifts through the GiftBuster App ?

No, you can’t. You can browse and reserve gifts through the GiftBuster App. And then you go and buy them in person or online.

8. Can my friend see that I reserved a gift from his/her list ?

That’s the best part. The list makers can’t see who and what was reserved on his/her list but others can. So no more double gifting!

9. Can I cancel a gift that I had reserved ?

Yes, you can. Go to the gift page and click “Cancel”. Click “Confirm”.

10. What happens when I don’t buy a gift I had reserved ?

The gift will be back on your friend’s list after the reservation date expires. It's important to unreserve gifts you don't plan to buy, so someone else can purchase them for your friend.

11. What do I do when I receive a gift from my list ?

Once you receive a gift from your list you should archive it. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Go to "My Profile". Go to the gift page. Click "Close" and then click "Confirm".
  2. Go to "My Profile" list and swipe right on the gift you want to transfer to the archive.

12. How can I put gifts from the archived list back on my active list ?

  1. Go to a gift page and click “Copy”.
  2. Swipe right on the the gift you want to put back on the archived list. Click “Copy”.

13. How can I delete gifts from my list ?

  1. Swipe right on the the gift you want to delete. Click “Delete”, then click “Confirm” (only Iphone/Ipad).
  2. Go to a gift page. Click “Edit” and “Delete” . Then click “Confirm”.

14. When I’m adding a new gift manually do I have to all information fields ?

The only information required is: “Title” and one photo.

15. If I like a gift from someone else’s list, how can I add it to my list ?

Go to the gift page and click “Copy”. Click “Add Gift”

16. Who can see my GiftBuster profile ?

All profiles are public by default unless you change your settings to private.

18. What are the benefits of adding others to my friend list ?

Friends on your list can instantly view your gift list, reserve gifts, chip in, share private gifts, post comments and likes, receive birthday reminders and other notifications.

19. How can I invite friends to use GiftBuster ?

You can invite them by sending a text message or email. Go to "Friends" and tap "browse your phone contact list".

20. How can I add friends to my list?

1. Go to "My Friends". Click "Search Icon", type your friend name.
2. Go to his/her profile and click "Add Friend icon"
3. Your friend has to accept your friend request in notifications.

21. Can I share my gift wishes on Social Media ?

Yes, you can share a link to your gift on Facebook or Twitter. Just tap on the social icon on your gift's photo.

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22. How can I delete comments ?

Swipe right on the comment you want to delete.

23. Are there birthday reminders ?

Yes there are. When your GiftBuster friend has a birthday coming up, you will receive a notification one week in advance.

24. Why use hashtags (#) ?

Use (#) within a description to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. So whenever a user adds a hashtag to the gift description, it is immediately indexed by GiftBuster and searchable by your friends or other users. It can be a general hashtag ie. #earring or more personal hashtag ie. for specific event #SusanAndTomsWedding

25. What is the chip in feature ?

Think of it as group gifting. You friends and family can contribute easily by sending money via PayPal. It’s the perfect solution for situations when your family is spread out all over the country, or you need to give a last minute gift. The contributions go directly to your PayPal account.

26. Do I need a PayPal account to use the chip in feature ?

Yes, you do. In order to send or receive contributions you need to have a valid PayPal account. It’s free to open (Paypal).

27. How do I add a gift with the chip in feature ?

When you add a new gift turn on the chip in option and click “Add new gift”. You will be asked to confirm your PayPal account. Your PayPal email address is where you will be receiving the contributions.

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28. How can I check to see who has chipped in towards my gift ?

Every time someone chips in you will receive a notification. You can also tap the raised bar to see the list of people who that have chipped in. Only you can see this list.

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29. Is there any fee for using the chip in feature ?

As the receiver you don’t pay any fee. The whole amount of the contribution goes to your PayPal account. There is a small fee for sending money. It varies from country to country ie. in the US and Canada it is $0.99. Think of it as paying for gift-wrap for your gift! Here is a full list of fees for all countries

  • USD - 0.99
  • CAD - 0.99
  • EUR - 0.99
  • GBP - 0.99
  • CHF - 0.99
  • PLN - 1
  • AUD - 1
  • BRL - 1
  • CZK - 10
  • HUF - 100
  • HKD - 5
  • ILS - 3
  • JPY - 100
  • MXN - 10
  • MYR - 1
  • NZD - 1
  • NOK - 8
  • PHP - 10
  • SGD - 1
  • SEK - 8
  • TRY - 1
  • THB - 10
  • TWD - 10

30. Must I collect the whole amount in order to archive a gift ?

No, you don’t. You can archive a gift at any time.

31. On which platforms is GiftBuster App available ?

GiftBuster App is available on iPhone, iPad, Android.

GiftBuster Application GiftBuster on Google Play


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